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Starts Monday 13 July 2015

At Trinity Leisure (Bedford 6th Form)

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Reactiv8 is an ISO 9001
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      UK Register for Learning Provider
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Reactiv8 - Transforming the lives of all

Reactiv8 is an organisation that transforms the lives of others and aims to create sustainable change.  Reactiv8 delivers innovative programmes designed to encourage engagement and social inclusion for people of all ages.  The programmes allow for confidence building, self-assessment, mentoring and employment support.  It confronts existing perceptions, challenges clients to take control of their future and supports the clients to a more positive pathway.  Reactiv8 recognises that within our society we are currently faced with the following issues and we aim to provide a long term and realistic solution to address them:

► 1.7 million 18-24 year olds were economically inactive in the period of May to July 2013. 

► In the same period there were 960,000 young people aged 16-24 who were unemployed, with the unemployment rate     
   reaching 21% in this age group.

► Each year 35,000 young people leave school without qualifications.

► Nearly 1,000 young people are suspended from school for abuse and assault every day in the UK.

► Those that are NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) are 5 times more likely to have a criminal record than  
    other sections of society.

► Each NEET young person costs the taxpayer £97,000, with an annual cost of £3.65 billion.

For many young people, traditional, mainstream education is failing/has failed them.  High numbers of employers report that school leavers are not equipped with the necessary skills to survive in the work place.  Young people are leaving education with no clear direction, lacking in self confidence and belief in their abilities, coupled with low aspirations.  A high percentage of young people are switched off from continuing with further education or training.  Reactiv8 switches young people back into learning, education, or training, by providing them with educational experiences and opportunities where they can explore their potential through practical and realistic solutions.

Reactiv8 not only works with those of school age, helping them re-engage with their education, but also delivers employment support programmes that use British Military Coaching Techniques to give people, no matter what age, a chance to fulfil their true potential and become a valued member of society.

Our vision is that everyone, whatever their background, age or ability is given the chance to fulfil their true potential and become a valued member of society.

To identify and remove barriers in order to help re-engage those at risk of social exclusion back into employment, education or training, ensuring they are equipped with the social, emotional skills, along with the necessary qualifications to enable them to succeed in life.  Reactiv8 has created a working philosophy that engages the aspirations of all, assisting them in identifying where they want to be and the importance of both setting and achieving goals. 

Click on the tab "About Reactiv8" to find out more about the programmes we deliver. 


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