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Giving Something Back Initiative


Reactiv8 can provide you with a great opportunity to not only give you a committed young person, keen to want to learn your industry, but more importantly the opportunity for your business to give something back to your local community.  


Many of us have been lucky enough to develop or be part of successful organisations, and this association means that we are able to develop our skills, gain a sense of self-worth and achievement and be able to afford a good quality of life.  As part of the work Reactiv8 do, we encounter a range of people who for many reasons have found themselves economically inactive, involved in crime or generally disaffected.  In order to support these people to develop and move towards becoming a more proactive member of society we are asking organisations to join our ‘Giving Something Back’ Initiative.


This initiative is a community enterprise that will use contributions from organisations to support individuals to develop their confidence, motivation and self-belief, develop their employability skills and work with them to overcome any barriers to achieving sustainable employment. As an organisation you will support us to provide these services, giving real opportunities to disengaged individuals.  Additionally, once these people have worked with us and we believe they are ready, there will be a supply of potential employees ready to work in your organisation.  


By becoming a supporter or this initiative we are able to offer you:

·      A certificate highlighting your organisation support of the corporate social responsibility agenda

·      Access to a pool of potential employees that are motivated to work

·      Support through the recruitment process and ongoing.

·      Peace of mind that you are making a difference to the individuals in your community.

·      The opportunity to help change someone’s life.


Your Contribution:

To support this initiative, you can either pay a monthly direct debit contribution of your choice, or sponsor a programme, or an individual.  Alternatively we will welcome an annual donation of your choice to support Reactiv8’s work.  


*All contributors will be recognised on our Reactiv8 website.

We need a variety of businesses that can offer the opportunity for young people to be reactiv8ed back into employment, education, learning or training. 

Do you:

• Operate in the Bedfordshire/Northamptonshire area? 
• Have a desire to work with young people? 
• Want positive publicity? 
• Want to give something back to your local community?


If the answer is YES to the questions above - Please contact us to discuss this opportunity.


If you would like to support an enterprise that is working hard to make a difference then please join this initiative and let’s start changing lives.